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  1. How to become better at Python .... learn Clojure

    Most programming journeys involve going from a home project ability, to delivery/contract standard. It seems very fashionable (almost prerequisite) at the moment to program in more than one language, and also in more than one paradigm; "functional" being the flavour of the moment. Delivery languages are often more traditional ...

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  2. Notes on Instructables 3D Pi Scanner

    Getting two raspberry pis to take pictures at the same time

    The raspberry pi is an excellent low cost imaging platform - with both cheap visible and infra-red image capturing capacity. One interesting application of the camera technology is described in this article. This is a 40 camera application of the ...

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  3. Kalman Filters

    Kalman Filters are one of the central tools in time-series data analysis - they are also somewhat mystical as they apply many problems and are often explained with difficult matrix notation.

    I chanced upon this blog that changed everything for me. The blog post simply explains the approach through a recursive ...

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  4. Singular Valued Decomposition

    An alternative method for calculating a latent model relies on a mathematical miracle worker called the Singular Valued Decomposition (SVD) - what is this? Let's look at a graphical explanation. Here's what you get if you try and find the main parts of the “Lena” image (a famous image ...

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  5. So you're Running a Data project

    A project workflow:

    Establish the Need - what is the actual value generated by the work? This stuff only works if you have some measurable outcome for the business. This helps with the often difficult sell to upper managament!

    Produce an "ideal" solution - Dream a little - how would it work if ...

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